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    Growth Brands

    R.J. Reynolds focuses its marketing support on Camel and Pall Mall to accelerate the brands' market-share growth and to drive the brands for long-term, accelerated growth and profit.




    For more than 97 years, Camel’s relentless pursuit of tobacco pleasure has produced some of the industry’s most groundbreaking and innovative tobacco products while earning the Camel brand iconic recognition. Introduced in 1913, Camel’s unique blend of flue-cured, burley and exotic Turkish tobaccos made it the nation’s number 1-selling brand in just four years.
    Today, Camel’s commitment to quality tobacco experiences includes a new generation of tobacco products — innovations such as Camel Crush and Menthol with Cool Burst™ technology. This unyielding passion for tobacco is yet another reason why Camel remains R.J. Reynolds' largest and fastest-growing full-price brand.
    Rooted in authenticity yet ushering in the future, Camel’s colorful, irreverent personality captures the very spirit of adult tobacco consumers — inspiring them to Break Free from convention and enjoy tobacco on their own terms.



    Pall Mall 

    Pall Mall was introduced in 1899 as one of the world's first premium cigarettes and is one of only five brands to have ever reached market leadership status in the U.S. Pall Mall has a rich history of innovation and firsts over the past 110 years. In 1939, Pall Mall launched the first "king-size" (85 millimeter) cigarette; in 1966 the brand launched the first 100-millimeter cigarette -- both giving adult smokers more value without extra cost.

    In 2001, the brand was re-launched as the "new filtered" Pall Mall -- at a lower price point. Today, Pall Mall is packed tight with Premium Tobacco to deliver a smooth taste, slow burn and a longer-lasting smoking experience.

    Pall Mall cigarettes are packed tight with premium tobacco and provide adult smokers a longer-lasting cigarette at an attractive price, making it a leading cigarette brand once again. In fact, during the past two years, Pall Mall has been the fastest growing cigarette brand in the United States.

    Support Brands

    R.J. Reynolds puts limited marketing support behind these brands, focusing on balancing the brands' scale and long-term profit.




    Winston was introduced in 1954 and became the first nationally popular filtered cigarette. By 1966, Winston became the best-selling cigarette in the nation, a position it held for 10 years. Today, Winston remains one of the country's top-10 cigarette brands. 




    Salem was introduced in 1956 as the first filtered menthol cigarette. Salem eventually dominated the menthol category -- becoming one of the world's best-selling brands. Today, Salem remains one of the best-selling menthol brands in the United States. 




    Doral was introduced in 1969 and repositioned in 1984 as a savings brand, becoming the first branded cigarette to compete in the growing value segment. Doral quickly became -- and continues to be -- one of the leading savings brand in the United States.




    Launched in 1933, Kool was the first menthol brand to gain nationwide distribution -- and it quickly became one of the world's most famous menthol cigarettes. Kool is distinctive among menthol cigarettes because it delivers an intense menthol smoking experience that is bold, yet smooth. Kool achieves the perfect balance of rich tobacco taste by combining specially blended tobaccos with the fresh flavor of menthol. The fusion of tobacco and menthol is symbolized by the interlocking "O's" in the Kool logo, which are present today in much the same form as on the original packaging.




    Misty was introduced in 1990 as a value-priced brand in the slims segment. Misty rapidly grew to become the country's leading value-priced slims brand, a position it holds today. Its combination of quality and affordability provides Misty a loyal base of consumers.




    Launched in 1987 Capri created a new segment in the U.S. cigarette industry - the "super slim" cigarette. Capri cigarettes are 17mm in circumference versus 23mm for a traditional "slim" cigarette. Capri's "Luxury Length" 120mm styles soon followed, providing a unique product for adult smokers wishing to express their own personal style. With a premium tobacco blend and thin, stylish packaging Capri is the leading brand in the super slims segment.

    Modern, Smoke-free Tobacco

    With a rich history of innovation, Camel offers adult tobacco consumers another option for tobacco enjoyment: Camel SNUS. The modern, smoke-free tobacco product provides adult tobacco consumers a neater, more socially responsible way to enjoy tobacco pleasure without bothering others, as there is no second-hand smoke or need to spit. 


    Snus Logo 

    Camel Snus 

    Introduced nationally in 2009, Camel SNUS provides a great tasting, neater tobacco experience because it contains premium tobacco that is pouched, smoke-free and spit-free. Available in 4 styles, Camel SNUS comes in a unique metal tin that holds 15 pouches.